Human Rights and Democratization

Human Rights and Democratization

The Human Rights program from On The Move e.V. provides you with the opportunity to work for governmental and non-governmental human rights commissions. This experience will provide you with insight into the different areas of this field, for example, into the assessment and analysis of cases that the commission will bring forward or will seek to introduce for the benefit of those less privileged in society, including mentally challenged individuals.

Due to this multifaceted program, you can work either in an office as well as directly on site. For those who would like to expand their horizons, there are many topics related to humans right work to learn and many new people to meet in this field. As a participant, generally, you will always work together with a mentor.

The internship can be comprised of the following themes: house and court visits, interviews with those impacted, coerced, child-trafficked, oversight of interviews, and guidance and support of mistreated children, parents, and less privileged persons.

If you are interested in the democratization program, you have the opportunity to work in government offices. You will become familiar with and also identify the governmental policies and the work experience of local districts. Participants will work on various activities and topics including youth employment, development, city planning, and many more. Through these, you will become familiar with a wide range of social and ecologicalprojects from the government’s perspective. For example, some of these include construction projects, public events, health planning, and community cleaning activities.

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Duration of Stay Fees in USD
2 Weeks 395 USD
3 Weeks 495 USD
4 Weeks 595 USD
5 Weeks 695 USD
6 Weeks 795 USD
7 Weeks 895 USD
8 Weeks 995 USD
9 Weeks 1.095 USD
10 Weeks 1.195 USD
11 Weeks 1.295 USD
12 Weeks 1.395 USD
4 Months 1.795 USD
5 Months 2.195 USD
6 Months 2.595 USD
1 Year 4.995 USD


Submit an email to with your application documents and follow the steps below.

The processing and organizing takes about 4 weeks. Please pay attention also to the lead time with respect to procuring a visa and vaccinations, and remember that airfares may be less expensive when bought earlier.

Application and Terms/Conditions

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