Prevention in Schools

I and the World

We visit schools, creating a framework to discuss any negative psychological experiences that students may be experiencing in the school environment. Therefore, we work alongside students to uncover underlying bodily processes (with a focus on the brain, of course). This not only strengthens their critical reasoning and curiosity, but also fosters an active debate with “their individual selves” and their relationship with the world.

Each module is designed to last 90 minutes, so that the entire series can be completed through a series of project days, or individual single hour-long teaching configurations.

Through these modules, the following themes are covered:

Self and Public Image

Sleeping and Dreaming

Stress and Angst

In the following months modules covering topics such as Learning and Memories, as well as Communication and relationships will be developed.

For our past work on developing these school projects, we were honored with the distinguished Primus Prize (Stiftung Bildung und Gesellschaft).

In addition, we are currently working on a novel project to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of our interventions:

Project teams consist of a teacher, accompanying class, and one of our own project members who will utilize design thinking-concepts to ensure the implementation of open, conscious, and competent relationships between students and the world around them will be established at our pilot schools. Further impulses will be provided by tested elements and approaches from social-emotional learning and our Brain Awareness modules.

With this, teachers and students will co-develop a stimulating, healthy learning environment and experience an increased creative confidence and self-efficacy.

Importantly, this intervention will be scientifically evaluated from the very beginning to understand whether the Design Thinking process and mindset can impact the overall (mental health) well-being of students.

We are delighted for your school’s interest. As our pilot project is in Dresden, local schools are currently preferred.


Information in Translation 🙂 Stay tuned.

Information in Translation 🙂 Stay tuned.