Journalism and Media

Journalism and Media

The On The Move e.V. internship in media provides you with the opportunity to learn about how journalism in Africa works. Through this program you can obtain valuable work experience in the media field. Possible tasks include reporting back over conflict, events in your placed community, political parties’ activities (and any elections, should there be any), human rights, education, the healthcare system, etc. In addition, you can also follow existing cases and maintain the respective community up to date on the cases’ progress. Also through conducting interviews, photographs, editing, and live-broadcasts in radio and talk shows, you can create opportunities to speak about your activities (for example, our Brain Awareness activities). You can also work at the intersection of journalism and mental health.

Through this program, you can work together with newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. Given that the internship ranges from office work to working directly onsite, the internship is quite varied and diverse.


Information about the countries


Duration of Stay Fees in USD
2 Weeks 395 USD
3 Weeks 495 USD
4 Weeks 595 USD
5 Weeks 695 USD
6 Weeks 795 USD
7 Weeks 895 USD
8 Weeks 995 USD
9 Weeks 1.095 USD
10 Weeks 1.195 USD
11 Weeks 1.295 USD
12 Weeks 1.395 USD
4 Months 1.795 USD
5 Months 2.195 USD
6 Months 2.595 USD
1 Year 4.995 USD


Submit an email to with your application documents and follow the steps below.

The processing and organizing takes about 4 weeks. Please pay attention also to the lead time with respect to procuring a visa and vaccinations, and remember that airfares may be less expensive when bought earlier.

Application and Terms/Conditions

Please click on the links below if you want to learn more about the application process and our terms and conditions.