Medical Facilities and Healthcare

Medical Facilities and Healthcare

On The Move e.V.’s interns and volunteers in the medical and healthcare sectors have the opportunity to improve their medical and nursing skills. Our interns and volunteers are placed in state-, county-, mission-oriented-, and HIV/AIDS hospitals and facilities, working directly with patients there.

Students are not allowed to work with patients alone or conduct diagnosis. They will only be assisting doctors and nurses and will not be performing any tasks that would put a patient in danger or a student in a position where they are doing something that is beyond their training/capabilities. However, there is ample work in these institutions and we hope that you will find this work rewarding. Therefore, after the application process, you will have the opportunity to speak with the respective responsible medical personnel to review your potential workplan.

For example, you can first run through all the different departments at a hospital to get a sense for which department piques your interest the most and to identify which may need your help. From the ambulatory department to the different stations to the pharmacy, the physical therapy group, X-ray imaging, labor and delivery, and the operating room, the volunteer possibilities are extensive. For psychology and/or sociology students, we also offer opportunities to work with mentally challenged patients (prevention, therapy, rehabilitation, and research) or young mothers and their babies. Our ‘Brain Awareness Activities’ may also be of interest to you.


Duration of StayFees in USD
2 Weeks395 USD
3 Weeks495 USD
4 Weeks595 USD
5 Weeks695 USD
6 Weeks795 USD
7 Weeks895 USD
8 Weeks995 USD
9 Weeks1.095 USD
10 Weeks1.195 USD
11 Weeks1.295 USD
12 Weeks1.395 USD
4 Months1.795 USD
5 Months2.195 USD
6 Months2.595 USD
1 Year4.995 USD


Submit an email to with your application documents and follow the steps below.

The processing and organizing takes about 4 weeks. Please pay attention also to the lead time with respect to procuring a visa and vaccinations, and remember that airfares may be less expensive when bought earlier.

Application and Terms/Conditions

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